Because this is a great city to learn.

Students from all over the world -- France, Sweden, Hungary, Korea, Austria, England, Australia, Singapore and many more countries – choose to get their internship experiences here : paid or unpaid. After their internships, many students decide to get a permanent job here. Simply because it has so many opportunities. Hong Kong is the center of Asia, it’s easy for students move on to opportunities in Beijing, Singapore, and other countries. Hong Kong is so convenient that if you choose to go to any city in Asia, is only a few hours away.


Your Internship will help you get plugged in to a NETWORK, where you will be connected to the Hong Kong business world. Just wait till you see all the activities and networking events available here!


We have interns who move around just to meet more friends and we will arrange events for all interns meetup.


OPPORTUNITIES are everywhere right here in Hong Kong. Employers give you the opportunity to learn as much as you can. As the saying goes, your two years in Hong Kong is like 10 years in your home country, because things are happening so fast here in Hong Kong. The way people think, the way they solve problems, and the way the system works here, great learning experiences. Get ready to drink lots of coffee to stay awake, so you can work harder than anyone else in your workplace! We’re not kidding -- working overtime is the norm in Hong Kong.

About Hong Kong


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